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Various Artists

"Supple Selections Volume II" CDR

Supple Records

Genres: ambient, electronica, dream pop

Supple Records
PO Box 212
Hicksville NY

Nov 17 - 23 2003

DIY chill-out label Supple Records' second chapter in the Supple Selections series is yet another solid disc of electronic music.  The songs are quite varied, although many are very good.  The comp doesn't go for consistency so much, but instead chooses to give the listener a taste of everything Supple has to offer, with two songs from each band and artist.

The compilation starts off with two solid ambient tunes by Supple signature artist Icecake, the latter of which is a neat lo-fi guitar/electronic hybrid.  Nice. NON FINIRe mai's "Sofiak" is also solid - it's a long, guitar, drum, and, sample based piece with a very strong DIY ethic.  Josodo Joseph Innacelli's wonderful ambient pieces "The Common Wheel" and "Untitled II (excerpt)" are both two of the compilation's best moments.  Innacelli's sitar is put to great use on the latter.  Panophonic's two tracks, meanwhile, are lo-fi dream pop tunes and Delta Waves' "Lady of the Lake" is pure ambient-ized space rock, floating alone in another galaxy.

Overall, this is an interesting compilation that will be worth a purchase for those interested in the eclectic Supple Records style.  At a mere five dollars, it won't set you back that much, and you'll have something nice to chill out to as well.


Fun Fact: "Non finire mai" apparently means "never to end."

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]