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Various Artists

"Summer Solution: Reason Y Compilation" CD

Reason Y

Genres: rock, indie rock, math rock

Reason Y
PO Box 145171
Coral Gables, FL

Dec 13 - 19 2004

Though Reason Y is a Florida-based label, this compilation seems to cull rock bands from all over the American map.  I am familiar with four of the disc's sixteen acts - Fiesel, Words For Snow, and Tristan Da Cunha are Losing Blueprint label math-rock bands, while Bird Gets the Smile is on Reason Y's permanent roster - but learning about new music is what these one-off comps are all about.   Unfortunately, Summer Solution hasn't really encouraged me to research many of its bands.  For an indie rock collection, it isn't as melodic as I would expect.

Summer Solution features an array of genres, including run-of-the-mill alt. rock, screamy post-punk, noisy math rock, and even some straightforward indie pop.  The Bird Gets The Worm and Waterpistol (emo) tracks both fit in the alternative rock category; both have okay melodies but fail to stand out in terms of originality or compositional inventiveness.  The screamier indie rock and "post-punk" is a bit more engaging - Delvic's track is energetic and riveting, though somewhat predictable, while the Document song builds to a messy climax.  Some of the better moments are supplied by fem-fronted pop group The Warren Commission, Archers of Loaf/Sebadoh-influenced rockers The Beatings, and infectious synth-poppers The Secrets.

This isn't a great compilation, though it has its moments.  I expected a bit more from Summer Solution, especially given its impressive production values (full-colour, glossy liner booklet!), but this is only half-good.  If you can find this cheap, it's worth a look for the good tracks; otherwise, take a chance on one of the many other impressive indie rock comps out there.


Fun Fact: The Warren Commission (a band on this comp) was named after a LBJ-commissioned document investigating the JFK assassination.  Conspiracy theorists consider it a "cover-up exercise."  It can be perused here.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 18 tracks (incl. intro, outro), distributed by the label, released 2002]