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SubArachnoid Space

"Also Rising" CD

Strange Attractors Audio House

Genres: psychedelic rock, experimental rock,

Strange Attractors
PO Box 13007
Portland, OR

Apr 21 - 27 2003

1996 marked the start of the psychedelic / experimental unit SubArachnoid Space, and a new bar was set for the genre from then on.  Falling somewhere in the realm of bands like Agitation Free and Bardo Pond, with definite references to labelmates Surface of Eceyon and Landing, the band has already recorded a full library's worth of seven full-length albums, and Also Rising proves that their sound has not calmed down a bit since they began.

Also Rising is a unique effort, different from many similar-minded works by other modern psych/experimental rock outfits.  Instead of sticking to one genre, they've managed to include a nice balance of atmospheric drone-rock tracks and more exciting, charged jams.  This variety adds a fantastic mood to the album, and makes it perfect in just about any setting.  And unlike some (read: many) albums of the genre, Also Rising never becomes boring - even a listener with an immeasurably short attention span will be satisfied.

Rest assured, Also Rising is best in the dark.  In a veil of pitch black, the crashing waves of "Tucson" really come to life; the subtle build-up of "Down Nod Off" cloaks you in a powerful mist; "The Harsh Facts of Life" carries you to heaven and back in only ten minutes.  The album is worth buying just for the chance to chill out to it alone in the dark.

Also Rising could be the album that propels SubArachnoid Space to legendary status.  Don't miss out.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 9 songs, distributed by the label, released 2003]