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Stone Coda

"Beautiful Yet Brutal" CDR Single

Silent Hope Productions

Genres: rock, independent rock, pop

Stone Coda
57 Coach Rd.
TS12 2RL

July 8 - 15 2002

There are lots of these new independent rock bands popping up around the world, and most of them - well - suck.  For the most part, though, Stone Coda are successful.  Hailing from England, the band is merely a three-piece, yet they can rock the pants off of anyone.  While I hesitate to label them as an indie rock band, they do share styles with a whole host of bands in the genre - Bionic, Girls Against Boys, and even Pedro The Lion.  These influences are evident on the two-song single's title-track, which is instantly catchy and enjoyable.

"Until It Comes", however, fails in comparison to song number one.  It's a slow, pondering piece that never climaxes and, as a result, never seems to amount to anything.  This is a shame, as it made me wonder what could have been if they only stuck with the title-track's formula.

If they spend more time developing their rock style and less of it on the angsty-wank of "Until It Comes", Stone Coda could become a big name on the scene in the future.  I'm looking forward to seeing how their first album turns out.


Matt Shimmer