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The Stiff Kittens

Promotional CDR-EP


Genres: hard rock, rock

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Feb 17 - 23 2003

The Stiff Kittens play above average hard rock with an affinity for pop-esque melodies and sensitive vocals.  This is their new ep, and it includes three new tracks that are meant to supplement their upcoming album.

The first track, "The Hunger," is a typical example of their style.  Catchy and fast-paced, the tune pounds along in a fiesta of power riffs, glam-influenced guitar solos, and simple, chant-a-long lyrics ("Still got the hunger/Still got the hungeeeeer") that are sure to get any group of teenagers jumping around.

"Gutless the Wonderboy," the second track, then takes a more menacing style, with a nice, brooding bassline leading the way.  This makes for a bit of variety - however, like the others, the song also boasts a simple chorus in the foreground to assure accessibility.  Though "Lay the truth on me/It's all I need" (repeated twice) may seem somewhat artistically lacking, you can't help but sing along every once and awhile.

The final song, "Comfort Blanket," is like one of those macho-yet-discreetly-sensitive songs that really do well on commercial radio.  Though it's got a chorus that sounds exactly like at least twenty songs that have been popular in the last four years, it is nonetheless an excellent exercise in emulating the mainstream style.

While The Stiff Kittens lose points for unoriginality, they gain them back for doing what they do well.  Sometimes, even I can't resist from humming along to their familiar melodies.


Fun Fact: The Stiff Kittens have one of the most aggressive marketing teams I have ever experienced.  Regular messages filled with links and big, big text are sent to every e-mail address they can find, and there's a whole web of websites and links out there to help promote them.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 songs, distributed by the band, released 2002]