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Steven Zultanski

"Ghost Hole" CDR

Breaking World Records

Genres: lo-fi, DIY, folk-pop

Breaking World
30 West St.
Hadley, MA 01035

Jan 12 - 18 2004

Ghost Hole is a great lo-fi pop disc.  Zultanski's unusual, folk-inspired approach to songwriting and performance is uniquely his own.  Though comparisons to The Mountain Goats, Bob Dylan, and Lou Reed can all be made, it's clear that Ghost Hole is a disc unlike any other, endlessly entertaining in all its pop melody and creative experimentalism.

"The Nipple of Knowledge" is pure Zultanski.  A simple, catchy vocal melody is laid over some complex guitar plucking.  "Good Money" is much different, succeeding as a playfully dark, short pop tune, and "Boat" is so delicate and beautiful - the cloak of lo-fi tape fuzz only adds to its mysterious beauty.  Opener "One of Ten," meanwhile, is one of Ghost Hole's best moments, in all its complicated instrumentation and downtrodden melody.

Ghost Hole is an absolutely essential album for fans of D.I.Y. pop, as well as open-minded listeners looking for a bit of new, unconventional music.  Steven Zultanski has crafted something beautiful out of this album, and you wouldn't ever be forgiven for missing out on it.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]