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Steve Goldberger and the Fringe Locals

"Niagara-On-The-Lake Rhythm Project" CD

Shed Records

Genres: world, indie

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April 6 - 13 2002

This is a nice collection of songs that feature "the composing talents of and musicianship of [Goldberger's] pals here in Niagara-On-The-Lake." So, it's a collection of songs from local bands - yippee! There are lots of neat little ditties on this CD, and each one has a nice, warm homemade feeling to it. For example, "Friday At Cuvee" is an enjoyable, cinematic piece that has a very middle-eastern sound to it. The accordion and guitar are used to express the melodies, and they work very effectively. Meanwhile, "Russia-Mon" is a lighter piece that has a strong Greek influence to it. It is kind of like the stuff you would expect to hear in a Greek restaurant. Altogether, this is a fun, eclectic album. It offers nothing excellent, but is enjoyable nonetheless.


Matt Shimmer