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Steve Angel

"Hollywood" CD

B-Group Music

Genres: pop/rock

Steve Angel
198 Speers Road, Suite 16
Oakville, ON
L6K 2E9

July 15 - 21 2002

Steve Angel's Hollywood is a pure artifact of professional, glossy pop-rock. Indie scenesters won't come near it with a ten thousand-foot pole, but those seeking normal, inoffensive pop songs will embrace it wholeheartedly. There are upbeat rockers ("Electric Car"), "emotional" sad songs ("Leave Me Standing"), and a whole plethora of other popular music clichés. All around, this suffers from musical predictability and not-so-great lyrics, which are both large problems, but don't really interfere with the goals that Angel has set out to achieve.

All things considered, Hollywood is not my type of album. I assure you, it is by no means bad, but it suffers from a desire to fit in to the mainstream scene, rather than experiment and find its own musical voice. If you like the type of guy who lists his e-mail address as, you'll like this. If you can't help but laugh at that type of shameless self-promotion, perhaps you'd be better off avoiding Hollywood.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 36 min 6 sec; 11 tracks; distributed by Amazon; released 2001]