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"Something Delicious" CDR EP

Alison Records

Genres: shoegazer

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Nov 22 - 28 2004

Shoegazer is a genre in desperate need of a makeover.  There are just too many bands playing "dream rock" or "bliss rock" and most of them sound the same.  Stellarscope play "ethereal post-rock" (as they dub it), but mostly it just sounds like the same old stuff.  Right off the bat, the focus is on dreamy, fuzzy guitars, lush percussion, and soft, lovely vocals.  That makes this EP a fine diversion for gaze freaks, but limits Stellarscope's room for innovation.  The music is nice, but the sound isn't particularly original, nor are any of the melodies of standout quality.  "Something Delicious" is pretty and a bit catchy, but "Perception is Reality" hasn't got a worthy pop hook in sight.  The best song is the last, "Spring" - it's a passionate, creepily minor-key epic that is worth a listen if you can get your ears around it.  It's got a neat Smiths / Joy Division / Jesus & Mary Chain feel going on.  All in all, this is a promising EP - hopefully Stellarscope will change things up a bit for their debut Alison Records album.


Fun Fact: Stellarscope has contributed songs to quite a few compilations, including tributes to Slowdive and The Jesus & Mary Chain.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2003]