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Stationary Odyssey

"More or Less is More" CD

The Great Vitamin Mystery

Genres: experimental rock, drone-rock, math-rock

1757 Ware Ave
East Point, GA 30344

July 11 - 17 2005

Check your expectations at the door and drop right in. Stationary Odyssey's More or Less is More is a strange ride, a spaced-out seven track journey through expansive drone-rock and dreamy math-rock. This is all instrumental, and it has a dark, mysterious atmosphere; it's guitar music, for sure, but you'd be hard-pressed likening it to "rock." There are hints of melody, but they are kept subtle, under layers of sound - they only come out after repeated listens. The album peaks at its impassioned math rock climaxes, though the spacey atmospherics of the rest of the album are also very well done. Opening track "The Singularity" appears to be the most important piece on this disc; it's a lengthy journey through peaks and valleys of sound not unlike GYBE! and Mogwai (except not quite like them either.) Occasionally notable things come out through the mix of sound. "Key to Vector Sigma" has a strong, synth-based melody coupled with a gritty rhythm section; it is criminally brief, but still a wonderful inclusion. The aggressive guitar and percussion of "Uh" is a nice excursion, but things really come together for the finale, "Aiming at the Blur," which marries guitar and percussion with a nice keyboard melody. Stationary Odyssey have created something strange with More or Less is More, but hey - I like it.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]