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Stationary Odyssey

"Komondor" CDEP


Genres: indie pop, instrumental

PO Box 304
Birmingham, MI

Mar 29 - Apr 4 2004

From the label with the coolest website in the universe, Boyarm Records, comes Stationary Odyssey's Komondor EP, a fine selection of five indie pop-influenced instrumental tunes.  The musician list contains the usual suspects such as bass, guitar, keyboard, and drums (both electronic and acoustic), as well as fun things like toy pianos and bells (contributed by Mike Langlie of Twink fame.)

Though instrumental music is generally limited in appeal (we all love words, don't we?), this is the type of album that could really be liked by indie poppers.  Stationary Odyssey's Aaron Tanner creates whimsical, unconsciously infectious songs that make for perfect twilight listening.  "A Labour of Moles," for example, relies on a repeated bass melody to build a dusky, rolling sound.  "Sometimes Running," meanwhile, lays keyboard, toy piano, and bells over a bass guitar background - the results are cute, but melodic in an Of Montreal-without-the-words sort of way.  "Turn It On" could be Komondor's best moment - its combination of found sound and electronic elements is simply terrific.

All in all, Komondor is a fun record that should be enjoyed by open-minded lo-fi and indie pop fans - so long as it isn't hampered by its instrumental billing.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]