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Square Root Of Margaret

"Cloud Nine Revisited" CD

33 1/3 RPM Records

Genre: indie pop, indie rock, psych pop

c/o House of Bleen
PO Box 115
Chatham ON
N7M 5K1

June 2006

One of Toronto's finest bands and a great source of enjoyment for me since close to Indieville's inception, Square Root Of Margaret continue to grace the local scene's ears with their own brand of infectious indie pop. They've got a nice sort of psychedelic thing going on, but recently they've been becoming more and more pop - which, in the case of Cloud Nine Revisited, can only be considered a good thing. Having recently seen these guys live for the first time, I've been sweating for the chance to give this record a spin, and fortunately for me it's up on the reviewing block.

The first three songs on Cloud Nine are in fact re-recorded versions of the first three songs of the band's last EP, Levitation Days. I liked these songs then, and I like them now - though the disc's most accessible and infectious tune, "Hazel Eyes," is strangely missing. Anyhow, these are tight, energetic pop numbers complete with modified vocals, fun keyboards, and some sweet melodies. The ten non-EP songs continue this tradition, with unwavering success; there are no duds, only unbearably catchy highlights like "I Don't Know Why" and proggy "Alien Frequency."

On Cloud Nine Revisited, SROM sound fresh and determined, and as such it's an extremely rewarding listen. I like the direction these folks are taking; they still have a distinct sound of their own, but they're making it more and more accessible as they go on. Put simply, this is one of the strongest pop albums I've come across in awhile.



Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 tracks, distributed by the band, released June 6 2006]