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"Sarah Veladora" CD


Genres: indie rock, post-punk

55 St. Clair Ave W 215 Toronto, ON
M4V 2Y7

Dec 16 - 22 2002

Sprawl, from Toronto, Canada, play their own brand of post-punk influenced indie rock that will really appeal to indie fans. With a fresh, powerful sound, they blend elements of current bands like The Strokes and The Walkmen with a much more rollicking, sonic guitar force. The result is a fresh, exciting sound that is sure to catch on if given the opportunity.

All the songs on Sarah Veladora are catchy and fun. "Bad Girl" is a nice, friendly rock tune with a terribly infectious chorus. "Pinky Lovestar," meanwhile, has a strong Strokes sound, even down to the Julian Casablancas-clone vocals. And "Obvious" is a warm, beautiful slower song that works perfectly with the other, more energetic tracks.

Two of the album's best songs are "Purposeful and Clean" and "Feed You Angel." Powerful jet blasts of post-punk, they are both very guitar-heavy. The former's best part is its climax, when the guitars and drums reach a mind-numbingly smashing peak; despite the power, the track still remains catchy. "Feed Your Angel," on the other hand, succeeds in transposing The Walkmen's style of artistic pop into a more crashing, guitar-ridden atmosphere; the result is explosively catchy.

Altogether, this is a fine album. If you're up for some post-punked indie rock, you can't go wrong with Sarah Veladora; though some parts of it seem to borrow a bit from The Strokes, they still have a fantastically inventive style.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks; distributed by the label; released 2002]