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Spanish For 100

"Metric" CDEP


Genre: indie rock, indie pop

May 2006

Sweet, melodic songwriting and delicious harmonies mark Spanish For 100's latest EP, Metric. Rocking right from the bat with the infectious, neo-Superchunk-esque "Go Away, Come Home," this record sets its tone quickly and makes for excellent listening. Slower "Jungle With Lions" is a bit longer than it needs to be (though it's good, catchy rock nonetheless), but guitar-soaked "Fell A Bird" and the two massive parts to "Golden Days" make up for any drag. A live version of "See Now" is thrown in as a bonus, driving the Awesome Badge's pin even further into Spanish For 100's ribbon-ridden lapel.

MP3s (from Go Away, Come Home, Fell A Bird


Fun Fact: "Ciento" is Spanish for 100.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by Amazon, released 2005]