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"Another Sidewalk's Bloody Dream" CD

Pale Horse Records

Genres: rock n' roll, country, country-rock

Pale Horse Records
#101 - 1917 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1M7

Dec 2 - 8 2002

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Solarbaby (aka Marq DeSouza) knows how to rock. And he knows how to roll, too. Another Sidewalk's Bloody Dream is his most recent album, and it comes off as a wicked dose of alt country-crusted rock music. With influences ranging from The Rolling Stones to Crazy Horse, and even more recent bands like The Supersuckers and Southern Culture on the Skids, Solarbaby's style has a unique ability to appeal to both rock n' roll fanatics and cowpunk purists.

Listening to these songs, it's obvious that Solarbaby's live presence must be completely outstanding. Coupling outrageous rock vibrancy with catchy melodies and a fantastic, sun-drenched guitar sound, the songs take the cake in terms of both atmosphere and melody. Look at "Just Can't Keep From Crying," for example. With a brain-numbingly fantastic vocal melody and impeccable guitar soloing, along with flawless drumming, the track is easily one of the best on the album. Also excellent is "Born Again," which boasts a bit of a influence from the Byrds' country-rock era, particularly in the guitars. It's perfect bar music, with a nice ol' tavern sound to it. "Then Buried Alive" also comes across well, with a great chorus and some nice Neil Young influences abound.

Noticeably different from the other 11 songs is "Keep Your Gunpowder Dry," a ten-and-a-half minute song that works as a sort of a mellow epic, ending the album in a most suitable tone. Though in concept a bizarre inclusion, hearing it will clear any doubts you may have as to it's fittingness.

Well, I've never really been a fan of countrified rock n' roll before, but this album really changed my mind about it. There ain't nothing here for me to complain about - Another Sidewalk... is just an astoundingly rockin' album.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks; distributed by the label; released 2000]