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Sofus Forsberg

"Udefra" CD

Jenka Music

Genres: experimental electronica, IDM

December 2005

Sofus Forsberg's debut, NO/1, was the type of obscure gem that instilled faith in the future of electronic music. In a planet so saturated in bland and unprogressive computer musique, it was nice to finally find something hidden in the depths that actually screamed listen to me!! Ever since, Forsberg's album has occupied a little space in my mind; so, ripping open a package to find Udefra really brought a smile to my face.

Finding information about Sofus Forsberg can be a bit of a difficult challenge - given that the majority of reviews and bios are in assorted European languages - but this is a case in which the music speaks for itself. Don't misinterpret, there aren't any words on Udefra - but the complex beats, pretty melodies, and general uniqueness are what carry the show. Influenced by all the greats - Autechre, Aphex Twin, The Orb - Forsberg crafts beautiful soundscapes that manage artiness without sacrificing accessibility or rhythm. Occasionally he can become a tad dry and [shock!] derivative - but the wealth of unique, stray sounds seems to more than make up for the occasional moment of tedium. Particularly notable moments include "Dam Dam" (kind of like voiceless DNTEL) and "Nuslutter Det!" (the subtle vocals are a nice touch), though it's often difficult to break this record apart in terms of different tracks.

While this album didn't give me a cerebral shock in the buttocks like its predecessor, nobody can doubt the fact that Udefra is an exceptional electronic album. Congratulations again, Sofus Forsberg.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, 54.2 min, distributed by the label, released 2005]