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Smoke Off Vinyl

"Nice e.p." CDR EP


Genres: alt rock, grunge, rock

Jan 10 - 16 2005

I gave Smoke Off Vinyl's last record a pretty mediocre review, so I was surprised to get their Nice e.p. in the mail awhile back.  But I like persistence, so it was an appreciated gesture.  Here they've adopted a grungy, guitar-heavy sound that sounds sort of like mid-90s alternative rock.  I can hear The Tea Party and Marcy Playground in this; it uses heavy guitars and deep, angsty-but-mature vocals combined with effective but unspectacular songwriting.  The sound isn't brilliant - or particularly creative - but it satisfies its niche perfectly.  The three full originals on this disc ("Nice" is just a short instrumental) all occupy the same corner of the musical alt rock world - the moody soft/hard contrast of "Departure" is a definite highlight.  The oddly-selected cover of "With or Without You" is a neat inclusion - SOV gives the tune a darker, grungy sound; the results are interestingly noisy, but far from breathtaking.  Once again, Smoke Off Vinyl prove to me that they are capable of tight, worthwhile rock music - I just hope they'll add a bit more of their own distinguished flair for the next release.


Fun Fact: From Smoke Off Vinyl's bio:

Another highlight for the band was when Jauch and Reehoff had to resort back to their days as an acoustic duo for a battle of the bands. Smoke Off Vinyl got into the finals doing what they do as a rock trio, but, due to a last minute emergency Banks had to leave town and S.O.V. was without a drummer for the finals. In keeping with the old saying, “the show must go on”, Jauch and Reehoff whipped up an acoustic set two nights before hand and emerged from the contest victorious, having beat out four other fully loaded rock bands with just a voice and an acoustic guitar.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2004]