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"Cause For Concern" CD


Genres: alt-rock, pop-punk

Mar 28 - Apr 3 2005

Slushie play angst-ridden, whiny pop-punk/alt-rock plagued by lame lyrics and bland compositions.  I've heard this type of thing too many times before - popular radio is filled with it, and judging from the piles of CDs I get in the mail, there seems to be far too much of it in today's market.  I appreciate the need for records like Cause For Concern - I only wish bands like Slushie could at least try to inject a little something new into the genre, because it's getting tiresome very quickly.

When the band isn't singing about relationship problems, they're moaning about meaninglessness and fakeness.  It's a very teenage record, from the repetitive and mercilessly ceaseless power chords to the band's entourage of depressed one-liners ("The world is a movie and we are the cast/But I'm in slow motion and you are moving too fast.")  The angst keywords are all here; there are 10 instances of "lost," "losing," and "lose", 4 instances of "gone," and 19 instances of "end."  Other alt-rock standards, including "desolateness," "superficiality," and "misery" are also in abundance.

It isn't hard to see what this record is all about - if you're past the upset teen stage, you'll just find this irritating.  If you're still in the muck of it, however, you might be able to appreciate Cause For Concern - though I'd like to think most teenagers could see right through Slushie's formula.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2004]