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The Slip

Self-titled CDR


Genres: indie rock, indie pop, lo-fi

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Dec 15 - 21 2003

All-girl indie rock trio The Slip hail from Gainesville, Florida and play their own brand of keyboard-tinged, spacey lo-fi riot grrrl music somewhere between Ladytron and Yo La Tengo.  Though the recording quality of their songs is unusual (liberally gritty and bizarrely balanced), it goes well with the band's infectious, attitude-packed musical blend.

This EP is impressive.  The band's songwriting is top-notch; while they have a definite grungy indie rock edge, their melodic sense is also outstanding, closer to pop than anything else.  A listen to the aptly-named "Shoegazer" is proof - its [relatively] complex song structure and catchy melody will have you hooked on The Slip style.  The spacey guitar chords of "Chatterbox," meanwhile, make for a rock song of epic, explosive proportions.

The final highlight is the EP's bonus track, which is a slab of electro pop that will please and intrigue just about anyone with a pulse.  The band's intelligent use of bass and electronic chords goes well with the sampled vocal cut-up.

Overall, this is a solid EP from an exciting new band.  Although a few of these five songs are real gems, it remains to be seen if these three musicians can pull together a full album.  Nonetheless, here's to them!


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2002]