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The Slags

Self-Titled CD

Hyperspace Records

Genres: hard rock, rock, heavy metal

Hyperspace Records
PO Box 1374
Manhasset, NY
11030, USA

April 27 - May 4 2002

I suppose there are many ways to decribe The Slags. They're certainly hard, for one, and they're even a bit frightening. But, the best way to get a sense of they're music is to hear it yourself.

"Alive" is a good example of The Slags' style. The song is a great piece of accessable hard rock - it's like metal, except with stronger pop ethics and less grind. "Sink or Swim" is a bit more metal-esque; it features strong sludge riffs and gritty, yelled vocals. The song's power is intense - when the yelled vocals come in, you won't know what hit you. If that wasn't enough, there's even three strongly melodic pieces here, all of which were written by Paul Sparrow. "Should I March," one of Sparrow's songs, has all the makings for a hard rock radio hit. It's a devilishly spooky ride in a haunted roller coaster - if you're looking for some hummable hard rock, this is it.

Altogether, The Slags have all the necessary components of a successful hard rock band. They're heavy like metal and hard like a rock - you won't want to ignore these guys, because they're just plain good.


Matt Shimmer