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" Speed of Life, Part Two" CD

Uglyman Music

Genres: indie rock, electronica, orchestral rock

Uglyman Music
PO Box 106
Manchester M32 8RG UK

Aug 27 - Sep 2 2002

New from Uglyman Music, the label that brought us records from I Am Kloot and Elbow, comes Silverman's new mini-album, Speed Of Life, Part Two. While I have no idea where part one went, this album will have to suffice until it's uncovered. The band play their own brand of spacey, electronicized pop that ranges from orchestral to beat-ridden. While their style may take some time to get used to, the band are certainly inspired, and this is a very strong release.

"Don't Leave This World Without Me", for example, is a delightfully catchy song that lays Anna Dennis' great voice over top of a beat-driven, orchestral background. "Ctrl Alt Del", meanwhile, has a bit of a L'Altra influence, using male/female vocals and a very moody background to wonderful effect. But my favourite track, by far, is the ender, "Nothing I Do, Nothing I Say". With soft, hushed guitars, and deep, calm drumming, it sets a perfect stage for Dennis' vocals and Helen Maltby's viola-playing to interact. And, instead of clashing, they complement each other all the way until the song slowly fades away. It's this sort of spacey ambience that makes Silverman's music really shine, and will hopefully characterize their future releases.

While far from perfect, Speed of Life, Part Two is an appealing record that shows a lot of promise for Silverman to live up to.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 35 min 23 sec; 7 tracks; distributed by Opal Music; released 2002]