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The Silent Type

"Hot and Bothered" CD


Genres: rock, indie rock, hardcore rock

May 2 - 8 2005

The Silent Type's music is as awesome as their t-shirts are - and trust me, that's a good thing.  Hot and Bothered is one of the most intense, explosive albums I've heard in awhile, and yet it retains a melodic accessibility that separates them from the rest of their hardcore rock brethren.  These songs are packed with gritty energy and instantly enjoyable hooks, necessitating comparisons to everyone from The Stooges (they reference Iggy in "Blackout") to Trail of Dead (evident in the repeated chorus of "Noisemaker").

Hot and Bothered starts off with a shitty-sounding garage-band rhythm intro, and for a few seconds you wonder if that's what the entire record is going to sound like.  Quickly, however, "Music" turns into a manic rock track not far off from Trail of Dead and At The Drive-In territory.  "Noisemaker" and "Rise" also share this sound, while "Dog Days" is a mini-classic and "Americana Blues" fills its role as a juicy slab of charged pop.  The lyrics may not be ultra-deep, and the songwriting doesn't break any serious new ground, but as far as rock music goes, it will be hard to find much material as sincerely ass-kicking as this on today's music scene.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2005]