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"Compass" CD/LP


Genres: electronica, electro jazz, chill out

PO Box 511256
Milwaukee WI
53203 USA

Sep 29 - Oct 5 2003

New on budding label Wobblyhead is Signaldrift's CompassSignaldrift, a.k.a. Franz Buchholtz, has put out many of his own records over previous years and since he started he's refined his own brand of electronica that is both intelligent and danceable.

Compass is a doozy of an electronica album.  Airy, smooth opener "Compass or Atlas" will suck you in right away.  The rest of the album goes by in doses of electro-jazz ("Escort Through the Narrows"), complex-tronica ("Atlas," "Units of Spin"), and chill-out music ("Bermuda Love Triangle," "Welcome Ceylon").  The album is very balanced and has a great flow.  Beats are given just as much attention as melody and atmosphere, and these carefully detailed sonic results are the outcome.

After the album's eight tracks comes (on the CD edition) the entirety of Signaldrift's Bremen EP, previously only available on vinyl.  It is a terrific, endlessly engaging selection of tunes that definitely make the CD version worth buying.

Overall, this is another very solid release from Wobblyhead.  Very recommended for music lovers alike. 


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks +5 bonus on CD version, distributed by the label, released 2003]