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Shawn Lentz

"Convergence" CD

WhaddyaLentz? Music

Genres: singer / songwriter, acoustic rock

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Dec 9 - 15 2002

Shawn Lentz is an independent rock musician who self-released this album, Convergence, in 2001. Previously playing in local metal group Reignstorm, there is a definite hard rock influence presence on this disc (case in point: the metal solos on "Grace of Light (Darkness Descends)"). And while it is clear he has put a lot of his heart into this disc, the music itself leaves a lot to be desired.

Lentz's songwriting here is one problem. Though he certainly knows his way around a pop hook, and his intentions are very evident in these songs, Shawn has problems with his compositions. They are often plagued with unprofessional transitions between ideas (in between the verse and chorus parts, for example, his guitarwork tends to miss a beat, disrupting his style). However, on parts of this disc, this problem is somehow evaded, and one can see what Shawn is truly capable of; "Remembering," for example, is a dark piece that successfully combines elements of both metal and acoustic rock.

Another problem is the album's recording constraints. With only a bassist helping out on a few of the tracks, this album is almost solely reliant on Lentz's guitars and vocals, and the fact that the recording equipment isn't the best in the world only serves to make things worse. However, Shawn often manages to use this to make his music more personal - nice damage control.

Though Convergence can only be recommended to those who enjoy amateur acoustic material, it definitely shows potential for Lentz's future. We all have to start somewhere, after all.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks; distributed by CD Baby; released 2001]