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Sharks With Wings / Paper Legs

split 7"

Heat Retention Records / sendhelp

Genre: experimental, noise

Heat Retention
176 Meserole #1F
Brooklyn NY 11222

May 2006

From New York experimental label Heat Retention comes this interesting avant-garde excursion, courtesy of a couple of the scene's more obscure sound mongerers. Paper Legs is the duo of Brian Osborne and Trevor Healy, and their piece is a weird free noise / improv track, heavily ambient but still with a lot going on in it. Mic feedback becomes an important part of the sonic collage about midway through, where the spacey rattles are surrounded by the familiar chime of a mic too close to a speaker. Fortunately the sounds are kept from becoming too noisy, instead providing an eerie, almost underwater ambience. Sharks With Wings, a trio of Michael Barker, Thomas Clark, and Marc Zajak, occupy the album's other side; they are much harsher by comparison, basing their piece on dense, abrasive noise not far off from Merzbow and MSBR territory. Also worthy of note is the neat, silkscreened cover. A fine package all around for experimental listeners.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]