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Shady Bard

"Three songs" CDR EP


Genre: indie pop, pop

August 2007

Shady Bard is a Birmingham-based band on UK's Static Caravan label (Magnetophone, Tunng) who issued this pleasant little 3-song EP before the release of their mass-produced album. Despite being demos, these are well-produced pop songs that wouldn't sound out of place on a label like Nettwerk. They use piano and strings to lend their music a sense of seriousness and urgency, which works well on Mercury Rev-esque "Treeology," the disc's best track. "Bobby" is more folky, with a noticeable Shearwater feel and a storytelling slant. Spiritualized-influenced "Torch Song," meanwhile, closes the EP off in a dreamy, sparkly style - due to its free-flowing structure, though, it doesn't seem like a full song but rather a fragment (despite being the longest track on here). 250 copies of this sucker were produced, with each copy adorned with a hand-stamped tree in one of 5 colours.

shady bard's myspace


youuuuuuuutube!: "treeology" video (weird!), "torch song" live

Fun Fact: The science of trees is not called treeology, but in fact dendrology.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks, 11:12, distributed by the band, released 2006]