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Seksu Roba

"Pleasure Vibrations" CD

Eenie Meenie Records

Genres: electronica, electro-pop

Eenie Meenie
PO Box 691397
Los Angeles CA
90060 USA

Feb 23 - 29 2004

Though Seksu Roba's Pleasure Vibrations album is not at all a "chillout" album in the true sense of the term, it has quite a few similarities to the genre - laidback, smooth textures and inoffensive hooks are used abundantly. The songs are all pretty and melodic, filled with synth-based chords and Ladytron-esque vocals (primarily courtesy of singer Lun*na Menoh.) Comparisons to the modern electro-pop scene are inevitable while reviewing this; though Seksu Roba certainly have a distinct sound, there are many similarities here with bands like Stereolab, Le Tigre, and the aforementioned Ladytron.

The first highlight of this album comes two songs in, with the wonderful "Hesitation," a hum-worthy tune boasting an uplifting beat and a wonderfully funky, infectious melody. "The Night is Mine," meanwhile, makes for perfect headphone listening - its liquid, funkified rhythm goes well with the stunning verse/chorus structure. The wonderful covers "Up Up and Away" and "Moon Song", originally performed by The Fifth Dimension and My Bloody Valentine respectively, are great instrumentals that will be absolutely adored by moog junkies.

All in all, Pleasure Vibrations is an enjoyable, interesting, and extremely infectious album from a new duo on the electronic pop scene. Buy this album, appreciate the glory of Seksu Roba, and do yourself a favour - pump the bass up.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 14 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]