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Seasonal Concepts

"Seasonalize" CD

SunShip Records / Little Mafia Records

Genres: pop, free, experimental rock

SunShip Records
PO Box 580218
Minneapolis MN

Mar 22 - 28 2004

The mission was simple: to create the worst band in the world.

The results?  Seasonal Concepts' Seasonalize.

I'd be hard-pressed to call this good music, but I have no qualms telling you it's really fun to listen to.  Despite the unusual compositions, the questionable musical skill, and the consistently abysmal production values, these joyously random sonic nuggets succeed in making fun of the world's many musical norms.

Seasonalize's highlights are many, due to the sheer eclecticism of the disc's songs.  "Wizards (Magick & Dreams)" is a deliciously silly eighties-influenced synth-pop joke (think "Don't You Want Me?"), while "Crazy Little Ingrown Toenail Called Love" is a tongue-in-cheek country-folk number that almost sounds like a female-led Bob Dylan number.  The casiocore of "I Like Cheese" is complimented by ridiculously goofy vocals ("I like cheese/How about you?/Do you want to eat cheese/At the zoo?") - if you're a fan of silly keyboard-pop, you may be pleased.  Or horrified.  Either way.

Other interesting nuggets are the "Heart & Soul" theivery of "Olympia," one of the band members' grade-eight music class projects (she got an A!), the pure folk of "What Do You Like to Smell?", the sample mayhem of "South Dakota, Here We Come!" and the bluesy pop of "Shoes."

If Seasonalize teaches us only one thing over its thirty three minute duration, it's that sometimes even the worst music can be pretty entertaining - so long as it's somewhat melodic.


Fun Fact: "Seasonal Concepts" is also the name of a home decoration store chain.  According to their website: "Seasonal Concepts is not about merchandise.  Rather it is about helping you identify the personality of your home."  They sell patio furniture and Christmas trees, primarily.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]