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Sean Lee

"Two Amp Songs" CD


Genre: pop/rock, singer / songwriter

August 2007

From New York, New York comes Sean Lee, a pop/rock singer/songwriter who takes some major cues from Counting Crows, Barenaked Ladies, and Everclear. If you liked the twangy, positive rock music of the mid to late 90s, then Lee is your man. As the album's main single, "Gracefully," can attest to, he knows his way around a professional-sounding pop hook. The major knock on this record is that it adheres too firmly to its influences, and doesn't do anything remotely creative. Given this formula, I would expect Two Amp Songs to be a lot catchier than it is. It has a lot of potential, but never seems to live up to it. Even the most infectious songs ("Born To Do" is tops) don't make it to the higher level that is really needed for records like this to take off. Sean Lee seems like a hardworking and earnest songwriter, and it's hard to consider this record a complete write-off. I can't help but feel that Lee has the chops to do something a bit more exciting in the future - if he's willing to take a few risks.

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Fun Fact: In addition to being a musician, Sean Lee is also a professional voiceover actor for commercials and movie trailers. You may have heard him in ads for Austin Powers in Goldmember, McDonalds, and AOL. His father, Jon Lee, is one of the most prolific voiceover actors in the world, having a career total of over 35000 voiceovers!

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the artist, released 2007]