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"Singers Ruin Perfectly Good Bands" CD

Ladies Choice Records

Genres: grindcore, art grind, experimental

December 2005

Interesting concept. I'm not so into grindcore, but this duo aims to reinvent (or perhaps just reinterpret) the genre with their own brand of aural assailing. On Singers Ruin Perfectly Good Bands, Sean (originally named Tion) create eleven short blasts of destructive noise using drums (courtesy of Mike Peterson) and a keyboard (preset to piano mode) filtered through a noise gate pedal and a Marshall guitar amp. I'm actually quite impressed; as far as grindcore goes this is reasonably accessible - perhaps it's the stray keyboard strokes or the lack of brutal vocal regurgitations, but this stuff ain't too rough. Don't take that as a cue to buy this for grandma, though, as I only really categorize this as accessible to a small minority of the most open-minded music listeners. I won't try to single out songs or excellent moments on this disc, because it really sounds quite similar throughout. What you get is what you get - eleven songs and just under sixteen minutes of strangely unique "art grind." Whether that turns you on is hardly for me to determine.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]