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Self-Titled CD


Genres: shoegazer, space rock, psychedelia

729 Central Ave, #203
Alameda, CA 94501

July 22 - 28 2002

Shoegazers and space rockers would be well-advised to check out a copy of Sciflyer's self-titled debut.  Not only is it a solid shoegazer work, but it's also biting the heels of the big players in space rock town.  The fast-paced, spacey "Beyond The Event Horizon", for example, features bass and drums as the main instruments, with minimal melody coming in the form of heavily-modulated guitar. The peppy drumming and rollicking bassline lend it a surf-y feeling, resulting in a cool psych-space-surf hybrid. "The Time Is Right Now", on the other hand, is less surf-based, and instead focuses more on the spacey side of things. Intergalactic, echoing guitars are accompanied by slowed-down drums, a slowly throbbing bassline, and barely audible vocals. The result is pure spacey bliss. This effect is carried on throughout the remainder of the album, including a top-grade cover of Pink Floyd's "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun"; as you can imagine, 'gazer fans will be more than delighted. 

All around, this is a great debut.  The band takes advantage of primitive recording techniques (some of this was taped onto an old 1972 reel to reel four-track) and produces a nice selection of feedback-drenched, throbbing space-songs.  And while they're Bloody good, they ain't no Valentine.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 36 min 45 sec; six tracks; distributed by Clairecords; released 2001]