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"Melt" CD


Genres: shoegazer, dream pop, indie pop

729 Central Ave. #203
Alameda, CA 94501

May 18 - 25 2002

For some reason, I put off reviewing this cd for weeks. I'm not sure why; it isn't that I didn't like it, and it isn't that there was too much of it (only three songs), it's just... I just... we'll, I'm not quite sure. Nevertheless, here I am today to talk about the new ep from Sciflyer, an independent shoegazer band from California.

The three songs on this album, although not great, are certainly pleasant to listen to. "Slowfire" is a feedback-drenched number that, in all its noise, still manages to keep its beatiful melodies intact. "Studio Audience" is a similar track, bringing perfect pop into an atmosphere of mind-melting fuzz. Both of those tracks are worthy listens - they're fit for any shoegazer fan who's looking for something nice to chill out to. But the real surprise comes at the end, when the band attempts a cover version of what could be one of the least shoegazer-esque songs ever, Husker Du's "Powerline". And although it doesn't come close to the original, it is still an entertaining version of the song that has enough accessability to warrant repeated listens.

Shoegazer fans, listen up! Sciflyer's new EP may be just what you're looking for...


Matt Shimmer