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The Scattered Pages

"This Is Where The Story Ends" CD

Three Ring Records

Genre: country rock, folk rock

May 2006

This album has two very strongly country songs ("This Is Where The Story Ends," "Sad Country Song"), which feature the type of warbly Lap Steel playing associated with the genre, while the other five have a less overt Nashville flair. "Sad Country Song" is especially touching, with its delicate instrumentation and sorrowful vocals. The dark "Apple Sea," meanwhile, is a pretty little folk-treasure with an off-kilter energetic part somewhere in the middle, and "The Boating Party" has a strangely subtle melody that breaks into a tense climax near the end. A lot of this has a notable similarity to Okkervil River ("The Boating Party" and the OR-style keyboards of "Stately Man" especially), combining country and folk with a more indie rock flair, though The Scattered Pages' music tends to be a bit truer to its roots than that of those other songsters. My impression of The Scattered Pages all in all is a very good one... with a number of records out, and Lazy Are The Skeletons coming out later this year, it seems like this group of folks is really worth the attention.

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Fun Fact: All three members of The Scattered Pages were born in the latter half of 1977, which I consider a notable coincidence.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2006]