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The Saturnines

"Songs From My Bedroom" CDR EP


Genres: math rock, indie rock

Jun 23 - 29 2003

The Saturnines' debut CDR is separated into three sections, or "songs" - Plums, Oranges, and Apples.  The band itself is only two guys, guitar "mastermind" (I really like those quotation marks today, don't I?) Zachary Donohue and singer / pianist / bassist / drummer Adam Popick.

The music on Songs From My Bedroom is largely instrumental (closer "Apples" is the only song with vocals), with a kind of math rock slant that recalls work by Ativin and even a saxless Sweep The Leg Johnny.  The guitar is spasmodic, switching from quiet mode to loud mode and back mercilessly.  But when the duo finds a groove, everything slides into place perfectly (the initially jerky "Oranges" is an example.)  For this reason I wouldn't be surprised if this disc was largely improvised.  The best song of the three is "Apples."  With a catchy melody started by a piano-and-vocal-harmony combination, it's easily the most accessible track on here, and it stands out as a very successful single.  It makes me wonder what the duo could produce using a more vocal-based template.

The Saturnines have got they're eyes on some sort of prize with Songs From My Bedroom.  If they can fill an album with "Apples"-caliber songs, they won't be confined to their bedrooms for long.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2003]