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Various Artists

"Saturday Night Cedar" CD

Wood Records

Genres: hometaper, ambient, indie pop

Wood Records
1604 Central
Dodge City KS
67801 USA

Jun 8 - 14 2003

Oh golly!  There isn't anything quite like a Wood Records compilation, and Saturday Night Cedar keeps up the label's tradition of excellence nicely.  Bringing together a delicious selection of hometapers and independent bands from across the US and parts of Europe, this very DIY CDR gives a terrific dose of what the Wood label is all about.

After a brief instrumental from the genius Zed Salt / Mark Flake collaboration CDR, we're sent right into a bizarre bedroom recording by David Spero Peligro.  It is kooky and fun, but doesn't get you at all ready for Cadence's punky rock anthem, "Invisible" - a viciously catchy tune that will tear you apart.  Then, Linda Draper brings on the anti-folk, Italian ambient masters LAM provide some of their unbearably terrific melodic soundscapes, and Knyaz Michkin gives us a taste of instrumental guitar music from the Belarus Republic.

And that's just the beginning.  Among the disc's twenty songs, you also get plunderphonics from Klarc Qent, funky vocal-ized elevator music by Peter Dizozza, and a characteristically sorrowful folk tune courtesy of Charles Fyant.

Overall, this is worthwhile for fans of hometaper music, as well as those just looking for something different and exciting.  Recommended.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 20 songs, distributed by the label, released 2003]