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Sarah Fimm

"A Perfect Dream" CD


Genres: pop, adult alternative, alternative

Jan 13 - 19 2003

Sarah Fimm (seraphim - get it?) specializes in an enjoyable blend of dark, moody pop that, while surprisingly original, still manages to be completely accessible. While she is responsible for the songwriting, vocals, and piano, she also enlists the talent of numerous other back-up musicians, including ones on bass, drums, guitar, trumpet, and sax. As well, a large portion of the music is electronic, with numerous synth sounds going on in the background.

A Perfect Dream is her second album so far, and it is a very enjoyable one. "Wrong Side Up" is an excellent example of what she is capable of. It starts out with some sparse piano keys, but quickly moves into a warm groove by way of percussion, bass, and Fimm's voice. "Alien Boys" is a similar tune, except without the bass and percussion. Fimm's voice stands up surprisingly well with the piano accompaniment - the blend sounds very reminiscent of some of Sarah McLachlan's work.

Altogether, A Perfect Dream is a very nice album that will appeal to pop fans in look for something a little different. Targeted at older audiences, specifically the "adult alternative" camp of music fans, this is definitely worth a shot if you're looking for something to relax to.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 songs, distributed by CD Baby, released 2002]