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"The Attrition EP" CDEP


Genres: indie rock

June 6 - 12 2005

The Attrition EP is the second release of Sally's that I've heard, their most recent effort since their impressive self-titled album.  This time around, they've come up with a less infectious songwriting style, but they've retained the dark, moody sound that makes their music so addictive.  Track one is the best tune on this disc; it is a grungy, enjoyable indie rock romp with an very strong chorus.  The third track also has a very enjoyable, intense sound to it, while the loud/quiet contrasts of track number four also stand out.  I hear a wide array of influences in this music, especially Radiohead and Nirvana.  Fortunately, however, it isn't all that derivative a sound; if energetic, occasionally angsty indie rock is your thing, Sally does not disappoint. 


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2005]