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Self-titled CD

Paribus Records

Genres: indie rock, "shoegazer-punk"

Mar 14 - 20 2005

Where has Sally been all this time?  Seriously.  This CD is a very refreshing taste of modern indie rock, combining a working knowledge of the genre's beginnings with its own inventive style.  The band defines their style as "shoegazer-punk," but more than anything this record is rock, borrowing from sources like Catherine Wheel, Atombombpocketknife, and Nirvana.  There is a bleak overall feel to the songs, but a simple accessibility keeps them from feeling dead or dull.

Some of the better songs on this album are the quiet, toned-down ones - "Sedate Me" and "Racquetball" are notably strong compositions, both sharing a somehow maudlin atmosphere.  On the more energetic rock front, one can't afford to skip "Very Biased Noses" or "Silver, Or Grey", two extremely infectious (albeit dark) songs.  They both share a certain quality with Catherine Wheel's bleaker material.  The processed vocals sound very ABPK-esque, which really works here - though it can be an overused effect.

Bleak, angst-ridden indie rock is particularly accessible to the masses - it has a bemoaning nature that will appeal to teenagers and a hip sound that will impress hipsters as well.  While this may have been more at home in the mid-90s, its dark message (and irresistible catchiness) should also ring true in this day and age.


Fun Fact: Read Sally's biography.  Seriously.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2004]