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"Formulae" CD

Sonicterror Recordings

Genres: electronica, IDM, techno

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Nov 17 - 23 2003

It doesn't surprise me at all that Rusuden's Formulae is a terrific album.  Not at all.  A criminally under-publicized member of the IDM scene, Justin Morgan (aka Rusuden) has already released hours of solid, engaging techno music on CDR, 12", and a number of compilations.  So in comes Formulae, the latest chapter in his ever-expanding discography -- and it's time to celebrate.

Rusuden's style is an interestingly varied one, blending many different styles together into his own form of robotic-yet-beautiful electronica.  Influences are plentiful, as well; Rusuden's style takes cues from the likes of Boards of Canada, Plaid, and even Aphex Twin to an extent, with a bit of modern hardcore la Venetian Snares in the rhythm.

Much of Rusuden's album can probably be considered chill-out / electro-lounge material.  He flawlessly plays with laidback, flowing basslines and melody, incorporating meaty yet never out-of-place beats to round things out.  There are many standout songs.  Opener "GITD Trea Cylm" (traditional IDM song title, huh?) is a beautiful piece of Plaid-esque ambient/techno crossover.  "Migrate & Molt," meanwhile, is a beautiful piece of BOC-style melodic IDM, and "Ana Appears Normal [abnormal mix]" is a fine slice of mesmerizing, molten electro.

Formulae is a great album.  It is intense and extremely listenable, and will find a spot in your stereo for weeks on end.  Buy it.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]