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"Mere Rum" CD

Rump Recordings

Genre: electronica

Rump Recordings
Dybbølsgade 57 1 Tv
DK 1721 Kbh V

April 2006

Rumpistol, Rump Recordings' signature band, is an experimental electronic act melding IDM and glitch into a bubbly concoction of unusual rhythms and foreign, extraterrestrial melodies. Mere Rum appears to be the second full-length for the Denmark-based outfit, actually the work of Jens Berents Christiansen, following a 2003 debut also on Rump. It introduces a sparse, jigsaw-puzzle style not unlike what would be expected from a coalition between Autechre, Plaid, The Orb, and Richie Hawtin. There is a strong jazz element embedded in the sound, which seems to be one of Christiansen's frequent idea sources.

The moment at which Mere Rum truly starts to take off for me is "Tape Swamp," a clicky and atmospheric soundscape with an unusual rhythm and a creepy yet warm melody. The title of the track is truly representative of its musical nature, and there also seems to be some connection to the oddly mystical ship on the album's cover. Meanwhile, "Plus3dub" exposes a remarkable dub influence in Rumpistol's sound, while "Vintertog" is an ambient-ish electronic lullaby. Epic closer "Vuggelise" and its IDM complexity finish off the record on a strong note.

Overall, Mere Rum marks the sophomore release of one of the electronic music scene's up-and-comers. Watch out for Rumpistol sharing a bill with the likes of Coldcut, Animal Collective, Sigur Ros, and Kanye West at this year's Roskilde Festival.

MP3 (on Vintertog (Acustic Remix)


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks, distributed by the label, released Nov 7 2005]