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Rothko & BLK w/BEAR

"Wish for a World Without Hurt" CD

Trace Recordings

Genres: ambient, experimental, post-rock

May 17 - 23 2004

Wish for a World Without Hurt marks the first release of Mark Beazley's new independent label, Trace Recordings.  Beazley, the main man behind Rothko, has put together this album - a split between his own outfit and J.S. Adams' BLK w/BEAR - in remembrance of September 11.

As can be imagined, this is a very emotional - though abstract - release.  A lot of focus is put on soundscapes; both "Wish for a World Without Hurt" and "Like Nails in the Rain" use static-like noise to give the sound a powerful, ambient texture.  This electronic manipulation is complimented by stunning acoustic elements.  The title-track, for example, uses a bleak and beautiful piano part to produce an introspective, almost sad atmosphere.  "Declaration of Loss," on the other hand, combines field recordings with a moody guitar part - the result sounds like something that would fit on a Godspeed You Black Emperor! or A Silver Mt. Zion release.

As an album, Wish for a World Without Hurt flows extremely well, although its slow nature may be a bit too gradual for some listeners.  In order to appreciate this disc, you will really need to lie in the dark and let the music wash over you; if you don't feel you have the patience for that, then Wish for a World probably won't fit your tastes.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks, distributed by Forced Exposure, released 2003]