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Ross Beach

"You Make It Look So Easy" CD

A Bouncing Space Records

Genres: country-folk, indie pop

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Jan  6 - 12 2003

Ross Beach have put country and folk and pop together in a blender and mixed them together. The results are enjoyable once in a while, but can get tiresome after too much listening, especially if country-folk isn't really your type of thing.

You Make It Look So Easy is quite an achievement for the band. It's seventeen songs long, with each track around three minutes. Though the tunes are very similar, they're all very pleasant and easy on the ears. Some songs, like "Thank You Come Again" and "The Good Parts," are slower, more subdued songs, but most, like the early REM-esque "You And Me" and "Here's The Part" are upbeat, cheerful numbers. Filled with melodies and pop hooks galore, the songs will likely find themselves in the listener's heads in no time.

Altogether, You Make It Look So Easy is a fun, catchy album that will appeal to listeners who enjoy the odd bit of folk and country. While their sound can get tiresome after awhile, especially to listeners who aren't quite attuned to the style of music, the album is still of very high quality.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 17 songs, distributed by Parasol, released 2002]