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Roman Evening

"Together Now" CD

Bitter Stag Records

Genres: indie rock, indie pop

Bitter Stag Records
PO BOX 190008
San Francisco, CA

May 11 -18 2002

"Together Now" is Roman Evening's debut album, and although debut records can often be amateurish and sloppy, that certainly isn't the case here. The band has taken the time to create a wonderful collection of songs, and the entirety of it is blessed with excellent instrumentation and meaningful lyrics.

Take "Analyst To The Nation," for example. It's an extraordinarily catchy song with great lyrics ("You give yourself to everyone/'Til there's nothing left to lose/Your heart is like a tunnel/With the bright light shooting through"), and a very successful use of the trumpet. And although that piece is, quite possibly, the best one here, the main "event" on this album is undoubtedly "Comfort Bringers," a song that is broken into three parts. Right from the start, you know you're going to enjoy it. All of the three parts (which serve as songs within a song) are excruciatingly catchy and enjoyable. From the well-placed "ba ba bas" on the third part, "Isn't That Light," to the sixties-influenced stylings of the first part, "Comfort Bringers," it's a very enjoyable piece of music. Also worth mentioning is the first song on the album, "Let's Take It Back." It is a warm, elegant track that sounds a bit like an upbeat Sparklehorse track.

Although this album features nothing spectacular, it hints at a very promising future for Roman Evening. I can't wait to see what comes next...


Matt Shimmer