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Rob Denunzio

"Window Music" CDR

Public Eyesore

Genres: solo guitar, blues, country

Bryan Day / PE
3803 S 25th St.
Omaha, NE 68107

Nov 25 - Dec 1 2002

Many are probably already aware of the Public Eyesore label's output, which falls mainly under the experimental banner. From avant-garde guitar compositions to electronic glitch tapestries, it isn't at all unreasonable to predict that Rob Denunzio's most recent effort would be more of the same. But then you'd be wrong. Hahahahahah!

So, then, what is on this beautifully packaged CDR? Well, it seems to be a collection of fittingly beautiful solo guitar compositions. Instrumental in nature, they are sparse, twangy pieces that sample a whole panoply of influences; you've got warm guitar blues on one piece, and then moody country on the next, and folk on yet another. And the most striking aspect of it all is that Dununzio can not only play the different styles fantastically well, but he also seems to have his own ideas to offer to each of the genres, incorporating his own interesting concepts into the music. It's a musical smorgasbord, people! Hahahahahah!

So, then, since every album has it's faults - what is wrong with Window Music? Well, not much. While more superficial listeners may be scared off by the subtlety of the compositions, which are often sparse and characterized by short pauses in sound, those with patience will likely find this to be a very rewarding work. And who cares about superficial listeners, anyway? Hahahahahah!

An important aspect of Denunzio's work is his compositional style. Take "Sociable Gamblers," for example. Starting off with a throbbing, deep bass sound and hushed guitar strumming, the track slowly plods along, producing an eerie, minor-key sound that Denunzio builds with his simple chord progression. Meanwhile, other songs utilize different techniques to produce various characteristic sounds, from happy and upbeat to dark and mysterious. It's f-in' terrific! Hahahahahah!

Altogether, Window Music is a very well-done album. Though variety is key here, Denunzio's talent manages to tie all the songs together into a focused, unscattered album. Absolutely incredible.



Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 14 tracks; distributed by the label; released 2002]