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"Missed America" CD

Mandragora Records

Genres: noise, psychedelic noise, experimental

PO Box 936
Northampton, MA
01061 USA

June 17 - 23 2002

Resonate: to echo, usually as a result of a large noise

Resinate: to impregnate or flavour with resin

Thanks to Rezanate, I can proudly say that I have learned something today - not only the difference between resonate and resinate, but I have newly become aware of the word "resinate", and this will of course be very valuable to me in the future.  I've also learned that Rezanate isn't either of these words, but is spelled completely differently, perhaps created as a combination of Reza and Nate, two of the three artists involved with Missed America.  As well, I've figured out that they have chosen the combination of Rezanate for a reason; while it could have been Natereza, or even a combination including the third group member, Jason, Rezanate was named so for a reason.  Whether they were attempting to play on the word "resonate" or "resinate" - well, that's another question, although I've got a pretty good clue.

Missed America, continuing in Mandragora Records' tradition of experimentation, is a thoroughly bizarre affair.  Relying equally on the manipulation of the tape as its actual contents, the band offers us a mixture of experimental guitar compositions and field recordings that are often degenerated into pure sound as a result of bizarre recording methods and oddball tape effects.  How the band have created the noise on this album is all beyond me, although its safe to say that they've tried a lot of things, and they've surely had their hands draped in tape more than once during its creation.

While those bent on accessibility will be scared off, those who don't mind a little hallucinogenic headfuck every once in a while will surely be greeted pleasantly by this.  Who knows, maybe these crazy experimentations will resonate in your head for weeks?  Ha ha ha.


Matt Shimmer