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The Reverse

"The Longest Day of the Year" CD


Genre: indie rock

August 2007

This duo's music reminds me severely of the songs Versus did with Fontaine Toups as lead singer, but maybe a little slower. Vaguely grungy indie rock with angelic female vocals on top. Now I really like Versus a lot, but these folks are missing the melodic sensibility that made Baluyut and co. so irresistible. They also lack the tautness and tension inherent in Versus' music (as well as most strong indie rock in general) - the closest they come is "Moments Too Late". Also notable is that the vocals are often too low in the mix (particularly on "Tell Your Mother" and "False Start"). This record does have some strong bits (infectious and fittingly dark "In the Dark"), but a lot of the songs need serious work ("New Stars," "Stop Light Red"). I like where they're coming from, but crisper recording and more focus on melody and tension will make The Reverse's next album much more successful.

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Fun Fact: Has anyone noticed that "reverse" and "versus" are very similar words???

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: distributed by the label, released 2006]