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Red Tyger Church

"Free Energy" CD

Alive Records

Genres: garage rock, blues rock

Alive RecordS
POB 7112
Burbank CA 91510

Jul 19 - 25 2004

Red Tyger Church, an energetic rock collective on the Bomp-affiliated Alive label, definitely have a knack for their genre.  Hundreds of records like this come out every year - filled with acid-fueled guitars and an almost jam-band approach - but few turn out as well as Free EnergyRTC are particularly earnest in their sound; they don't shy away from quality melodies - like Bob Stinson's Static Taxi project, the success of this band relies on its unwavering accessibility.

The standout songs on Free Energy are those with the most successful melodies.  "Cat People," for example, combines garage rock power with blissful, pretty choruses and an almost shoegazer-esque attention to fuzz.  The female vocals set the band apart from most of their genremates - in good way.  The minor-key "A Strawberry Slowdown" is also extremely impressive, recalling a melodic style somewhat akin to that of mid-90s alternative rock - but with a different type of song structure.  Although there are a few lesser moments (bland "Cherry Cola," out-of-place "Welcome"), they are made up for by impressive tunes like the bluesy rocker "Angie Vampyre" and the too-short "Tears by the Pond."

Pure Energy is an exceptional rock album.  It's garage rock essence is rough around the edges, and often the recording style is purposefully lo-fi, but that all adds to the music's overall sound and texture.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]