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The Redneck Manifesto

"I Am Brazil" CD

Trust Me I'm a Thief

Genre: math rock, instrumental rock

31 Oxmantown Rd

May 2006

Irish instrumental math-rock is not something I'm particularly experienced in, but I think I can manage. The Redneck Manifesto is comprised of five guys and what sounds like about ten thousand guitars in complexity, making a racket not far from the Ahleuchatistas and Pattern Is Movement movement that's picking up so much good press. You either like it or you don't give a shit it seems, so that should be a pretty fair indication of whether you'll dig TRM. Unlike a few of their scenemates, these folks seem to operate both in slow and fast mode; you get heady rockers like "Break Your Fingers Laughing" and "Paint the Dilebloa Pink", but they're also evened out by more contemplative "I Am Brazil" and "Hibernation Statement." Then you get complete offshoots like "Who Knows?," an atmospheric play upon some sort of Japanese sound sample. The skills of the players are important here, as much of this music's success lies in the technical ability behind it all, but a certain melodic attention is paid duly. One thing I must say about this disc is that it doesn't really capture my fascination too strongly in the long-run, but it takes some pretty mean math-rock to hold me down for long. Good work regardless, folks.


Fun Fact: "The Redneck Manifesto" is also the name of a book by Jim Goad which argues that issues of sexism and racism stem from a greater class conflict at the bottom of it all.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]