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Red Bennies

"With A Hug" CDR EP

Rest 30 Records

Genres: garage rock, psych rock, indie rock

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Jul 7 - 13 2003

Yes, it's lo-fi.  But it's also rock.  Nope, this ain't your average bedroom pop record.  This is the Red Bennies, and they're out to annihilate you with their brand of guitar-heavy garage rock.

Right from the vicious opener, "With A Hug", they'll have you hooked.  A funky smattering of riffs and attitude is made into pure rawk, with a definite JSBX influence.  Play loud.  "Black Knots", meanwhile, slows things down for a sixties-influenced psychedelic blues number.  Its eventual climax at the end is one of the most explosive moments that lo-fi recording can afford you.

The second half of the EP is just as exhilarating.  "Annihilate You" is a pure rock attack, with Doors-esque riffs and vox that recall The Rolling Stones.  "Downtown," which finishes the CDR off, is a soulful romp that sends you right to 1970.  The keyboards are a terrific touch, adding a lot to the singer's powerful wail.

This EP's only problem is that it isn't as melodic as it could be.  But the attitude and energy of these songs is enough to make this much more accessible than most EPs.  Recommended.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]