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Rebecca Pearcy

"Constellation" CD

Yoyo Recordings

Genres: pop, folk, country

Yoyo Recordings
PO Box 2462
Olympia, Wash 98507

Mar 26 - 30 2003

After spending months in the mail for some very bizarre reason that I haven't been clued into, Rebecca Pearcy's Constellation finally arrived at Indieville, and boy am I glad it did!

Upon first glance, the album looks like your average singer/songwriter fare, something pleasant but all in all unspectacular.  But first impressions are made to be broken.  One listen to Constellation is all you'll need to understand that fact.  Pearcy's beautiful voice goes hand-in-hand with her great songwriting; the resulting songs are all fantastic, cozy folk-pop numbers.  "Messy" is a fine example of Pearcy's style.  Elegant and warm, the song strolls along in a whish of piano accompaniment, sliding, twangy guitar, and beautiful singing.  All of the track's elements are in perfect harmony, and the whole combination of it all is enough to bring a tear to your eye.

Other tracks, like "Winter Dry" and "This Bird Insists" also show this delicate pop style, while "Hoof & Heel" paints a purely folk picture.  "Halloween," on the other hand, is cozy country fare, with vocals somewhat akin to those of Joan Osborne.  "Seems A Shame," meanwhile, could be Constellation's best song, relying solely on a simple piano, drums, keyboard, and vocal combination.

Over the duration of Constellation, it's made clear that Pearcy's voice is the major attraction.  Lying in the realm of Cat Power and Julie Doiron, with elements of countless other female singer/songwriters also present, her vocals are flawless throughout the album.

All in all, Constellation get a firm recommendation from me.  A necessity for fans of female singers, Constellation will likely also appeal to anyone who just knows how to relax and listen.


Fun Fact: Not only is Rebecca Pearcy a tremendously talented singer and songwriter, but she also designs handbags and accessories.  Her company label is Queen Bee, and she is known for making wallets and belts out of old LPs, 45s, and comic strips.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]